Saturday, April 23, 2011

But for the grace of God...

The St. Louis area is waking up this morning to coverage of tornado damage again. Our neighborhood was, thankfully, not touched. We live within a very very short drive of Lambert St. Louis Airport, in biking distance from some of the neighborhoods in Maryland Heights and Bridgeton that were hit.

For our family, we spent an evening in our basement watching storm coverage on TV. We skipped dyeing Easter Eggs for the night. We huddled in the corner farthest from the windows and waited for the house to shake. It didn't. Except for a few pings that were probably hail hitting windows upstairs, we were not touched. The power flickered once, briefly, and came right back.

We have friends who lost power and one who was at the airport when it was hit (she's fine). Overall, I feel very grateful to  have power and a house and a roof. We were barely inconvenienced and I feel both relieved and guilty about that.

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