Thursday, November 16, 2006

More appointments

I had a prenatal appointment this morning. Most of it was the usual: pee in a cup, get weighed, blood pressure, baby's heartbeat, get my belly measured. ofWe discussed birth options, because I had Charlotte by C-section. Basically, I want to try for a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarian) because the recovery time for me should be shorter and easier, which will be important with two munchkins to take care of. But I know that 1) because Charlotte's birth went the way it did, that there's a higher probability that my hip bones won't allow a baby's head to pass through, and I may end up with another C-Section and 2) I am now a much higher risk pregnancy and the baby's safety and well-being come before my ease of recovery. Also, having labor induced or augmented is slightly more likely to lead to complications for VBAC's ("uterine rupture" = a very bad thing) and itself is more likely to result in a C-section. So the result is that I don't want to be induced, so if there's any need to speed up the delivery or birth date, then I go under the knife. Also, assuming I go into labor on my own, if the baby shows signs of distress, then I won't argue about his method of entering the world.

I talked to my OB about the last ultrasound, and am still going to do followup ultrasounds every 4 weeks, but in my regular doc's office and not at the hospital. Nothing has changed with the baby in the last two weeks that we know of, so there's no news to report there. But, my doc said that starting at 28 weeks, he will have me come into the office twice a week for Non Stress Test. From what I understand, this involves me sitting in a recliner for the better part of an hour while they monitor the baby's heartrate and movement (to make sure that he's moving and that his heartrate is behaving when he does). So, we're looking at prenatal appointments every 4 weeks (they get more frequent towards the end, but I don't remember when I start going more often), ultrasounds every 4 weeks, and NST's 2x a week. Have I mentioned lately how glad I am to have good health insurance?


Anonymous said...

I also had a c-section for my baby girl last year and have been thinking if a VBAC will be an option the 2nd time around. I do hope all goes well for you. I also had a non-stress test towards the end of my pregnancy and your description is pretty accurate. Make sure to take a magazine! :D

Jennboree said...

My, we have alot in common already!

My first daughter was born via c-section (she was breech) in June 04. I just gave birth by c-section on Oct 2 with my second daughter.

I healed even faster the second time and had no issues other than a surprising allergic reaction to the medication prescribed. Have you ever itched insanely all over your body? No fun.

My doctor made the decision for a second c-section easier. He said losing even one baby out of 100 due to complications with a VBAC convinced him to not push for them anymore. No pun intended :)

Congratulations on your pregnancy!