Saturday, January 01, 2011

Resolutions for 2011

I think the New Year should really start on the Winter Solstice. What better day to designate as "0" than the shortest one of the year? Of course, if that were true, then I would already be late on writing my resolutions :)

 I don't need to lose weight. Man is it nice to be able to say that for once in my life. But I do need a goal. Minimum 2x a week of good exercise. Gym-worthy, hour-long exercise. Not just my 10-minute stroll around the parking lot at work. I've done step classes for years, but recently become rather infatuated with Zumba. And our Y just switched Yoga and Tai Chi to be free for members, so I might try one or both of those. Or try running a little, like I did last summer. A very little. (very, very little).

I have many financial goals, the vast majority of which do not bear posting to the web :)

So, I will focus on one resolution I am comfortable mentioning in front of the eWorld. Book-buying. I own way too many books. And an ereader. I'm thinking I should reconcile these two data points. Maybe next year I will try to buy 75% of all reading material in electronic format.

I can't make it 100% because I'm sure there are exceptions that must be in hardcopy, like software books for the day job where my ereader is not welcome (ironic, I know). And though I'm tempted to buy mostly e-books for Charlotte to read, I would have to buy her an ereader to go with them...maybe when the prices drop again :)

Home Organization
So many options, so few days off work (well, days off work without busy children underfoot to prevent us from actually accomplishing anything).  I shall concentrate on one single problem area of our house:  The basement needs gutting.

Not the walls, the junk. Baby toys, a mish-mash of (working but unconnected) a/v equipment, enough Christmas doodads to stock my own boutique. And no shelving.

We must buy shelves, and then put the junk on them in some systematic fasion. Ideally, throwing away large quantities of the junk in the process (my husband is probably giving me the evil eye on this one, sure that I'm thinking of the boxes of...stuff...that he hasn't touched in 11 years....)

Ah, the writing goals. I have a separate blog where I jabber about my writing so that this blog stays more family related. I will probably have a goal post up there at some point soon.

One idea I'm kicking around is to combine that blog and this one. Or to take that blog down altogether and move its contents to the WordPress site on the domain where I get my writing-related email. (y
Yes, I have a website. And its really really boring and exceedingly sparse since, you know, I haven't published anything therefore have no real reason to advertise my as-yet-non-existent writing business).

I will state one goal for the year. To publish something :) Of course, unless I self-publish that goal is like some of my day-job ones: it is 98% out of my control but it makes the managers happy to have it written down.

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