Monday, March 27, 2006

A busy weekend

We had a very busy weekend. Friday, we had a playdate with our friends S&P and their son Gavin. Gavin's just over a year old, and Charlotte loves to play with him--they live in our neighborhood and go to the same daycare, so they see each other a lot. We ordered takeout and let the toddlers romp, and relaxed.

Saturday morning I had a baby shower to attend. My husband at first asked if I'd be taking Charlie, but she's too wiggly and knows too much about presents to attend. She would have been terribly upset not to be able to open any of the gifts, or to play with them once they were opened. The shower was nice--excellent food, good company, and none of us brought our kids, so it was a nice, relaxing afternoon for all. M. was invited to a father's get-together, but Charlie crashed shortly after I left and slept 3.5 hours, so he never made it.

Sunday, M was feeling pretty groggy himself, partially due to a prescription decongestant he's taking to help with a sinus infection. We didn't make it to church because he was still in bed well past time for us to get ready. Around 10am, A&P called us to arrange a group outing to the zoo. Charlotte was a little fussy already, but we figured we'd be able to make it a little after lunch. She crawled in my lap around 11:30 and wanted to look at the comics with me, and ended up falling asleep on me. Either she was really tired, or the comics were really boring, because she hasn't done that in months. She ended up taking a 2-hour nap. Luckily our friends were willing to wait for us, and we got to go to the zoo after all. My husband slept all afternoon, too, so he didn't come with us.

The zoo was fun. Charlotte's been there before, but the last time was over Thanksgiving. Yesterday was beautiful--sunny and 55-60degrees. There were 4 adults and 4 kids--A&P with their 2 kids Connor and Shannon, P with Gavin, and me with Charlotte. Charlotte wasn't too keen on riding in her stroller for much of it--she wanted me to carry her or to walk (run away) herself. At one point, she and Gavin switched strollers, as Charlotte for some reason wanted to be in his (I had brought our regular Graco one, and Gavin had a umbrella stroller with a cloth seat--maybe his seat was more comfortable or something). She saw bears, giraffes, lots of birds (all of them "ducks"), lions, tigers, and got to pet goats and play.

For dinner, the 3 families all congregated at our house and made dinner--we brought our own meat (mostly steaks, and some salmon on the grill, and hotdogs for the kids) and shared sides (corn, yummy grilled asparagus, salad). I think Charlotte had a little of everything--including a whole hotdog plus part of my steak. She might be pushing 21 pounds by now, but I'm not holding my breath...

Today I'm sore and hungry (all the exercise yesterday helped my appetite apparently). Charlotte slept pretty well, and complained before daycare when I wouldn't make her a second bowl of oatmeal (she had breakfast waiting at school). If my husband weren't home sick, I would say it was a great weekend. All in all, though, I have few complaints :)

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