Thursday, March 16, 2006

So relaxing it's stressful

I am thinking about declaring tomorrow my own personal holiday. Well, tomorrow is St. Patrick's day, so it's already a holiday, but most companies don't give you the day off for that. It's also the day before my birthday, but again, not enough people celebrate the 18th of March to declare it a national holiday :)

My problem now is deciding what to do with my time off. I could sleep in, exercise, go to a movie, go shopping, try to finish knitting Charlotte's sweater, actually make something besides test seams with my new serger, read a book, bake myself a birthday cake, and any number of other things. The problem is I want to do all of the above, and probably more. And if I even attempt it all (which I do realize is insane), I will be stressed out beyond belief by the end of the afternoon. That's just silly.

I seem to have this problem a lot. I always feel like I don't get enough time to relax, and that I have a million things that I'd like to do during my free time. So I end up getting stressed out about what free time I have--worrying about what I should try to get done, and how much time to put aside for not doing anything. Yes, I'm a scheduler--I actually schedule downtime. If you have a personality like mine, you know exactly what I'm talking about, and if not, then you think I'm nuts. In any case, that's how I think.

I think things will keep getting better as Charlotte gets older, since she won't need constant physical contact with a parent in order to be content. Yes, that's an exaggeration, but only by a bit--we seem to be entering the terrible 2's, and screaming tantrums are a daily experience. Friends with older kids will probably laugh at me and start listing off things like soccer practice and school variety shows and piano lessons that will drain away what little free time I think I have, but I'll hold on to my illusions a little bit longer.

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