Thursday, February 01, 2007

Miscellaneous updates

Blogger and I have not been getting along recently. There have been several times over the last week where I've had something to post, and have been unable to login--probably more to do with internet security settings on the computers that I'm using than anything else. It's still annoying. So, instead of a couple of posts, I've got a summary for ya'll. Lucky you.

Last weekend, we started real preparations on the new baby's room. The bedroom has been a guest room since we moved into the house, with the walls still the 1-coat builder-grade-flat-offwhite color they were when the house was built. The closet had become a catch-all, full of everything from guest sheets to my husband's cassette tape collection to random bathroom accessories that we don't need (some that I don't remember purchasing or ever using....gotta love those thoughtful gifts from people). So far, we've cleaned out the closet, and relocated all non-baby items to more appropriate locations--including Goodwill, who is now the proud owner of sevaral sets of twin-sized sheets (we don't actually own a twin-sized bed...). The closet was then emptied compeletely into our bedroom (including the existing closet shelving) so it could get a coat of paint. My husband and brother-in-law began painting, and the room and closet have a coat each. My husband also got 1.5 walls covered with a brushed, glaze finish (like sponging, but with brushes). My husband gets to do the work--I get to spend the money: I hit Home Depot and Target for additional closet shelves and organizers to make better use of the space. Of course, until the painting is finished, they're piled in the living room and our bedroom.

Tuesday I had an ultrasound, a NST, and a prenatal visit with my OB. Baby boy is still exactly on target for size. They estimate he's in the 56 percentile for gestational age (32 weeks)--roughly 4lbs 5oz. Ultrasound size estimates are just that--estimates, but it still seems as though lacking an umbilical artery isn't hurting him any. His kidneys are still dilated, but no worse than before, and the amniotic fluid still looks good. So at this point, I'm expecting extra visits to the pediatrician after he's born, but not much else to worry about while still pregnant. All the NST's have been fine--I get to sit and read a book or magazine, and baby boy does his aerobics routine, showing nice heartrate accelerations just like he should.

Tuesday night was a bad night. First, Charlotte woke up crying at about 3am and climbed into bed with us. She was fast asleep almost as soon as my husband hoisted her up for a cuddle, though she apparently spent the rest of the night breathing in his ear--doing her Darth Vadar impression, thanks to a stuffed up nose. Then at 4:30, the phone rang. My husband did not answer it right away (i wasn't being lazy--it's on his side of the bed), but then got out of bed as he heard the message beign left on the answering machine--it was a policeman outside the house! A couple of the lights on the front of our house have been acting funny lately--we're using those little flourescent bulbs that are supposed to last a long time (but that dont' work with dimmer switches), and also have photosensitive switches to turn them on automatically at night. Apparently the combination sometimes leads to a bulb or two flashing on and off like a strobe light. As we learned early that morning, some home alarm systems are wired to make the outdoor lights flash when the alarm is triggered, thereby alerting passersby that someone has broken into the house. Our h ouse is not wired that way, but the cop making his rounds stopped to check out aroudn the house just in case. It's hard to be mad, given that he was working for our safety. It's also hard to stay awake at work the next day when you've gotten half the sleep that you otherwise intended. We are replacing all of those bulbs.

The other fun event of the week has been my hubby's car. He took it to a shop on Monday to have the brakes checked, and ended up with a $2000 repair bill for various and sundry items that needed fixing. His car is at 60k miles, but yikes, that was expensive (and unexpected). Yesterday he got a notice in the mail about a class action lawsuit pending over one of the repairs that he just had done--I guess he's not the only one with that problem (I don't remember what it was..some part that was cracked...goes to show how much I know about cars I guess). So there might eventually be some relief for the expense. Then again, if it's like any of the other lawsuit settlements, we'll likely get a coupon for something we never intend to buy, and a pat on the head. Such is life.

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