Monday, February 05, 2007

Pregnancy Cravings

Pregnancy cravings are a little strange. No, I'm not eating pickles and ice cream. Actually, my cravings have been less strange with this baby than they were with Charlotte. This baby actually lets me eat chocolate (though it's finally starting to give me heartburn). Still, I found myself nuking marshmallows in the office microwave earlier for some quick smores. Mmm (I'm trying to ignore the heartburn part just now).

With Charlotte, I swear I was eating my husband's diet. All I wanted was meat, meat, meat, with a few sides of fries and occaisional ice cream (ok the ice cream isn't his thing, but the meat sure was). I hardly touched chocolate the entire time because it just didn't taste good to me. Well, there were a couple of weeks where I wanted those chcoloate-covered little donuts--apparently that's one of his few occaisional sweet indulgences. I found myself searching a bowl of M&M's one day for skittles. The M&M's I had at easter time ended up going stale before I felt like eating them again. Every time I would have some strange, specific food craving, my husband would just laugh at me, and remind me that it's one of his favorite things also.

This time, my tastes are much more my own. I am in the mood for salad on a fairly regular basis. I mentioned the smores thing. I've been eating plain (big) marshmallows a lot lately too. I'm quite looking forward to the end of Valentine's candy in the stores, and the advent of the Easter candy...jelly beans and peeps have been calling to me from the store warehouses where they're currently hidden. While steak is good, I don't need it every night to prevent the monster in my belly from devouring me instead (or so it can feel like).

Even though my diet seems to be my own, I am definitely looking forward to the post-natal, breastfeeding-induced appetite that comes with a super-high metabolism and without the nasty heartburn. Then again, this pregnancy has been so mild, maybe I *won't* be able to eat a bag of double-stuffed oreos a week and still lose weight just by nursing this baby. That would be a real bummer.


Amanda said...

I will warn you that that first week of breast feeding will give you the worst cramps of your life. Not labor by any means, but definitely the worst cramps. Maybe your little boy won't be a Hobbit. :)

(hah, blogger didn't eat my comment this time)

Kristi said...

I seem to remember that from last time. Of course, last time I also had prescription pain killers for the first week or two, which probably helped things a bit (though they were supposed to offset the c-section pain, not just the breastfeeding-cramp pain).

Since breastfeeding is supposed to help your uterus shrink more quickly/efficiently I suppose it's all in the name of good health, huh.