Monday, January 21, 2008

Addition and Subtraction

Trystan is feeling much better. His throwing up last week was attributed to an excess of snot, upsetting his tummy, with a small dose of carsickness to boot. It's wonderful to realize that he is sometimes just sick, just like any other child. I'm afraid, though, that it will still be a while before a large spitup or a full-scale puking episode doesn't make me panic and start counting poopy diapers, examining his belly for swelling, and listening intently for any sign of his passing gas.

This weekend, we figured out that Trystan's cold and stomach upset had another, complicating factor that had not anticipated. Some of his nausea was probably caused by or aided by excessive drool from teething. Charlotte was 13 or 14 months before she cut her first tooth, as was I. My mother-in-law couldn't remember my husband's exact age, but she remembered him being later as well. Trystan has decided to shun tradition by beginning at the tender age of 10 months. Also, unlike his sister who got her top two teeth first, he is starting with one on top and one on bottom, both at the same time.

Friday, Trystan had a visit to a urologist for a follow up on the state of his kidneys. At birth, we were told that he had one larger kidney, and one much smaller kidney, but after a variety of tests in teh NICU, that they seemed to be functioning fine. They still are, apparently. Well, one still is. His larger kidney is basically his only functioning one, the smaller one is continuing to get smaller (or perhaps just now grow). Luckily, people can live quite healthy lives with a single functioning kidney, and Trystan has not had any evidence of urninary tract or kidney infections so far. We were given a full pardon from the urologist--we do not need any routine follow ups with him. Hooray!

Tomorrow, we have Trystan's post-op follow up with his surgeon. I am not sure, but I am hoping that we may get a similar decision from him. I am not aware of any more information that they need to give us, instructions that we haven't already heard, or more follow up that Trysan would need. It would be lovely to cut down the number of doctors on our contact list to two--the pediatrician and the cardiologist.

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