Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines' Day

75% of our household popluation is sick. Charlotte is the lucky holdout this time, though I dearly wish it were Trystan. He has an unnamed respiratory infection that is neither RSV (for which he gets a vaccine anyway), nor flu. He's had a fever since Tuesday, and has produced enough snot since this weekend to ice a cake.

I, being the wonderful mommy that I am, am the frequent subject of his orthodontic explorations as he tries to discover the meaning of the new white structures appearing in his own mouth. Alas, he cannot yet reach the sink by himself, and finds the bottles of hand sanitizer near his changing tables to be fascinating but useless, therefore his little digits are rather potent deliverers of microbes. Thus, I am also suffering from what appears to be an unnamed respiratory infection. My fever had abated by midday yesterday, though.

My husband has been sick for over two weeks, though he's frequently known to tell us that he's turning a corner (I believe his illness to be a polyhedron of very large scale). He has, unfortunately, been working long long long hours for about two weeks to meet a deadline at work, so he's not had much time to rest. Today, in fact, he was taking the day off so that he could relax a little. Instead, he got sick baby duty. I took my day off yesterday (with both kids home, and feeling like crap, so I can't really say I got to relax either).

Not only is schlepping the kiddo to the doc not the most romantic way to spend Valentines's, but today's his birthday as well (though I do hope that his original daytime plans weren't actually romantic either, or we have a lot to talk about....). It is probably up to me to decide what we are having for his birthday dinner, and to prepare, though I'll be darned if I know what to make. Probably steak. We all like steak. And it can't possibly conflict with tomorrow's dinner menu.

In the mean time, I'm hoping that my hubby and his son are getting some rest and cuddle time this afternoon. I'm looking forward to joining the two of them, and our daughter, in the early afternoon at a very exclusive Valentine's celebration, a soiree that forms the very pinnacle of our social season. And, we hear, that a very sought-after family of culinary talents is regalling the attendees with refreshments from a time-honored cookie recipe that has been handed down at least three generations. Personally, I'm hoping to snag some fruit snacks as well.

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