Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Reading List update

I'm slowing down. Not by choice, though. Mostly because I gave up pumping at work, so my scheduled-in break time is gone. Not that I'm now chained to my desk, but pulling out a book and reading isn't quite as acceptable as chit-chatting in front of the microwave or taking a quick walk around the building to clear your head. I did finish Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb and The Virgin Blue by Tracy Chevalier recently. Still working on that Jimmy Buffett book. By "working on" I mean that it's still sitting on my bedside table, though I have another book on top of it. This one's a historical romance, Simply Perfect by Mary Balough. I don't think I've ever read one of hers, and I'm not far into it. They're usually quick reads for me, so we'll see.

I have a long backlog of books still, and a fresh new bookstore gift card still untapped from my birthday last month, so I need to get cracking :) I almost always read at least a little before going to sleep at night, but have been giving up longer reading times in favor of exercising or other activities. (If you clicked on that link hoping for a dirty photo, then I'm not sure whether to block you from ever commenting on my blog, or thank you for thinking that my life is that exciting and photogenic.) Now maybe if I could convince my kids to actually let me read a little at the library tomorrow instead of playing goalie-sheep dog the whole time...

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