Sunday, April 06, 2008

She wore an itsy bitsy...

Having lost half of my bathing suit at the Y yesterday, I attempted to buy a new one. We think my suit bottoms ended up in a towel bin...which was replaced about 30 seconds before we noticed the missing bottoms. It might be recoverable--the desk workers told me to check back next week to see if housekeeping found it. That particular suit is several years old and was getting a little worn out, so I won't be heartbroken if it doesn't reappear.

At Target, I was feeling brave (and rushed), and didn't try things on. I was also kind of grubby, having driven directly there from the Y, where there was barely a family changing room and no showers to be had (all 4 of us were ripe, but we had other shopping to do also...our apologies to the other shoppers!). My existing suit is also from Target, so I was fairly confident about buying the same brand and size that things should fit, and if not, I can return them.

There was really only one tankini top that I liked (that came in my size....could have had a dozen lemon yellow ruffly bottoms though!), and it had two different matching bottoms that were both possibilities. I felt a little silly buying one top and two bottoms, so I grabbed the matching bikini top as well, planning to return it with whichever bottom I didn't like. I've never worn a bikini in public in my life--my midsection is my least favorite body part and as a result, it remains a lovely, virginal, dayglow white. If you think my face and arms look extremely pale normally, you ain't seen nothing yet!

Well, as I was taking out suit parts at home to try on, the tag ripped off of the bikini top in the tangle. They *might* take it as a return, with the tag removed, but Target's annoying about returns lately anyway. So, I think I bought myself a bikini. And a tankini--I'm just keeping all 4 pieces. The top doesn't really look that bad, I guess, considering that I've had 2 kids (at least now I have that excuse!) My stretchmarks are all generally covered by the suit bottoms, but now I can blame any above-the-belly-button pouchiness (is that a word?) on that too..... If you hit the swimming pool this summer, wear your sunglasses. If I get brave, I might blind someone!

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Amanda said...

I haven't bought a new suit since Jamaica and after eating way too much chocolate in England, I don't think I'm brave enough to wear a bikini again. Funny post.