Friday, May 22, 2009

From the mouths of babes

Just before kids learn how to talk, parents often wonder what's going through their heads. At 26 months, Trystan isn't just learning to talk, but he is beginning to share more and more of what's on his mind. Instead of just crying, he will tell us what the problem is. And instead of just pointing, he will request an object or treat by name. And sometimes, his thoughts are just hilarious.

Last night at the dinner table, he pushed his plate away and demanded, "Done! Potty! Down!". Now, we first asked about the "potty" part, and he denied any desire to use the restroom or have a diaper change. "Potty" for him sometimes means "I want to do something else."

The rest of us were still eating, so I asked what he wanted to do if he got down. "Run around in circles," he said. Clear as day.

"You want to run around in circles?" I asked, repeating his words to make sure I got them straight.

He nodded an emphatic yes, and then repeated his request. I think he waved his hand in a circle, too, for emphasis.

I bent over laughing. Couldn't help it. First time the kid asks my (practically rhetorical) question and he comes up with such a crackpot answer.

We wiped his hands and face and let him down from the table.

And you know what? He ran around in circles. Around the table, around the island, and then around the living room, laughing the whole time.

Darn it if he wasn't telling the truth.

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