Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Normally by Monday i'm brimming with blog post ideas. So many that I end up emailing them to myself to etiher finish or post later, so that I'm not wasting much time at work. This Monday, not so much. I remember feeling kind of mellow, but not inspired to write anything. Or rather, not energetic enough. That should have been a sign.

Trystan had a rough night Sunday night. He slept half the night in our bed, coughing hard. Some kids night-time cough medicine (which appears to contain mostly Benadryl) helped. In the morning he was ok, so we sent him to school. I guess the coughing came back with a vengence, and my husband picked the kids up and schlepped them to Mofallon to the pediatrician's office. And returned bearing three separate prescriptions: antibiotics, for the double-ear infection, and a steroid and albuterol for his wheezing and coughing. When he gets a bad cold, it gets to his chest, and he's probably asthmatic. (a word that I may or may not know how to spell)

So, I warned coworkers that I'd be off the next day, and headed home, and my own head started to feel like it was stuffed full of marshmallows. A sure sign that I'm coming down with something. Then my throat started to feel scratchy.

Suffice it to say that the scratchy throat got progressively worse yesterday. By late afternoon I tried calling my husband to get him to pick up Charlotte from school, but he has a lot of catch-up to do from leaving early. I probably shouldn't have been driving, but we did ok. By that point, I was alternately hot and cold, and flushed, and feeling like I should be horizontal. Around 5:30 I checked my temperature. 101.6. And I'd taken 2 ibuprofin about 45 minutes earlier.

The moment my husband got home from work, I headed to bed, and stayed there all night. I think the fever mostly broke sometime before 10. And around 2am I decided not to have another dose of ibuprofin, since I didn't believe it was doing anything. I was wrong. I took more at 5:30 and stopped using my entire body to swallow.

So, I'm home sick again today. I should be at work, but I'm in no shape for it. I can barely talk, I can't eat anything that isn't icy cold and liquid, and my throat is all yucky looking. Not the way I wanted to start off Memorial Day weekend.

I had been planning to be off on Friday, plus Thursday since we're closing on our mortgage re-fi then (finally!). But I'm thinking that I'm going in on Friday instead, to save myself a sick day. I just hope no one in my workgroup is waiting on me for anything, or they'll be waiting till Friday or Tuesday.

For lunch, I'm already thinking DQ....skipping the burger and going straight for the ice cream.


Bethany said...

Hope you feel better soon, sounds nasty. Have a good weekend anyway, I hope you'll be back to normal by then.

HiddenChicken said...

Are you me? This morning, I lay in bed for the longest time, next to my husband who was in a similar predicament, thinking, "Oh, God, can I actually make it back if I drive to work?"