Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Family Vacation: The Beach in Fall

Average high temperature in Destin in late November: 67.
Average advertised beachwear shop discount: about the same.

You might wonder what there is to do in a beach town this time of the year. Actually, a lot. As long as you don't have your heart set on sweating at the beach all week.

There was very little sweat involved in our trip last week. Too little, actually. I am ashamed to admit that my workout clothes stayed neatly packed in my suitcase the entire time. Too busy sleeping, I guess.

I was wary at first of the weather. Last Monday, our first full day in Florida, was overcast and about 56 degrees. We had chosen a hotel with an indoor pool, though, which helped. We are also a family of sun-fearing ghostly people who blister at the slightest hint of ultra violet light. So the lack of hot beach weather was good for all of us, dermatologically speaking.

In addition to the indoor pool, we visited a handful of local parks (with play equipment), got personal service at an amusement park, colored lots of pictures, and built sandcastles. And went to Walmart. No family vacation is complete without one (usually multiple) trips to Wally World. Sad, I know. But where else can you buy size 4T jeans, laundry soap, a Thanksgiving turkey, a cutting board, and a 3-DVD set of The Santa Claus movies? Walmart has all the essentials covered for a happening vacation.

About that "personal service at an amusement park" thing. The place was so deserted last Wednesday that two of the attendants basically followed us around the kids area, turning each ride on for Trystan and/or Charlotte. There were more people playing mini-golf and a handful riding the go-karts (activities a little too advanced for us still), but we were the only schmucks lugging our kids on rides. No lines! It was heaven for the kids (and kind of peaceful for the adults!).

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