Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The newest member of our family

Meet Charlie. He's a male betta of unknown age. And he lives in my daughter's room.

Charlotte asked Santa for a fish. We tried to explain why Santa probably would not bring her a fish--it would freeze on the sleigh! I think she mostly understood. Our objection to the request was more about practicality than about having a fish in the house. There was no way for us to buy and set up a fish tank, get the water ready, and the fish prepared, all in time for Christmas eve. Without Charlotte finding it. And I was afraid to have Santa provide a present with such a short life expectancy.

So, instead, my mom brought the fish tank with her when she came to visit. One of my sisters originally offered an unused one of hers, but was unable to access the storage place over the holidays to retrieve it (thanks, though!). Mom found a Little Mermaid one, which is perfect.

We set up the water, and picked out a fish for it before Mom left for home last weekend. Charlotte picked the name. She is thrilled with the fish. For the first five hours or so, she gave us minute-by-minute reports on what he was doing, whether he was eating, and whether he was smiling at her.

We thought a betta would be the least trouble, though we did have to buy a heater for the tank. They apparently prefer their water at least 75 degrees, and we keep our house around 65 during the week in winter. Charlie basically hid next to the Ariel statue and the filter for the first two days before we warmed up his tank. I think he likes it toasty in there.

Charlie has been moved once, too. Originally we had him on Charlotte's dresser. But that had to change when I found Trystan, with wet sleeves, threading a necklace into the tank. Charlie is now on a higher bookshelf, where Charlotte can still see her little friend.

Charlotte is still asking about getting a pet cat or puppy occaisionally. For now, I'm happy with a fish. Less potty training to deal with.

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Bethany said...

Sorry to overcomment but your post reminded me of my college fish. We had a Beta that lived about 2 years I think. His name was Sushi considering he was reared in a house with 5 cats, a squirrel (briefly), two ferrets (until the bird incident), a bird (until the ferret got him), and an occasional dog. We felt the name appropriate.