Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Not so resolute.

Happy New Year? What? I'm late? Yeah, well, what else is new.

You're wondering where my resolutions are, where my 2009 wrap up is, right? No? Oh, yeah, well I got tired of reading those too.

I am not a big resolution-maker. I do set goals, but I don't like to fail. So I keep my goals to myself usually so I don't have to admit what I did or didn't fail on. Yep, I'm a coward and darned proud of it.

Last year I did meet one goal that I've had on my private list for, say 15 years. I lost a little weight. About 10 pounds (I can claim more depending on where I mark my starting point and my ending point). I'm wearing single-digit sizes for the first time since early college, and thrilled about it. And the Wii has quit telling me that I should set goals to reach my "ideal" weight. Because I'm already there.

So there. My 2009 wrap-up.

My goals for 2010: um, don't gain the weight back. And a few other things here and there, some that are more wish than goal, and none of which I care to share right this moment.

Oh yes, and this half-a$$ post serves 2 purposes: 1) to admit how lazy I can be about resolutions and 2) to test an attempt at cross-posting blog/twitter/facebook. We'll see how this goes.

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