Sunday, June 20, 2010

All Wet

The very blonde theme of my weekend so far seems to involve submerging things in water. Things that have no business being submerged.

Friday, I wore a pedometer into the pool. There's a wellness challenge at work at the moment where you count steps with a pedometer all day (plus time spent doing other exercise), and might win a prize at the end. I've been remembering my pedometer everywhere I go, including clipping it to the skirt I wore taking the kids to the pool on Friday. Strike that, I clipped the thing to my swimsuit, not to the skirt. So when the cover-up came off, the pedometer stayed on, and spent its share of time chasing two kids around the pool. And not just the baby pool--Trystan dog paddles nicely with a swim vest on.

The good news: The pedometer was very cheap, already a few years old, and I have another free one to use for the wellness challenge.

The better news: The pedometer might recover.

Saturday night, I took my wedding and engagement ring off while I was putting away meat from a grocery store trip. I put them in my pocket, like I always do. An hour or so later I had changed into pajamas and started a load of laundry. A load that contained the skirt with the pocket with the rings. And brilliant me, I even heard the clanking in the washer and didn't think a thing about it. Until this morning when I went looking for the rings, and found yesterday's clothes in a basket of clean and dry clothes.

The good news: the engagement ring at least has turned up. I found it in the dryer with the sheets from the following load, still hot to the touch. The diamond is loose in its setting, but I'd bent two of the prongs already, so now I really really have to get it fixed (and maybe sized...the silly thing now slips off my finger).

The iffy news: It is entirely possible that my wedding ring is still in the washer (currently running a load of very wet, soapy towels). We have a front-loader and it is unlikely the ring could have escaped--the drain holes are too small. But it is still AWOL.

And I'm wearing my high school class ring because otherwise my finger feels empty. Funny, with how large my wedding and engagement rings were feeling lately, I'd considered buying a cubic zirconia temporary one until we could decide how/if/when to re-size (and possibly re-set) the other two. But I haven't, and I only own two other rings (the one on my finger, and my college class ring that is also too big).


Amanda said...

Well, the plus side is you found one of the rings :). It should be fun to go look at settings. My mom made me paranoid about my ring, because prior to surgery I'd put it on the vanity in the bathroom between the two sinks. Everytime she'd see it there she would say that's going to go down the drain. I've moved it, but haven't put it back on with the inconsistent swelling I've been having lately. Yes, my finger felt naked for a while and every now and then I'll scrap the back of my finger to "straigten" the ring that isn't there. Kind of like going from glasses to contacts. :) Good luck finding the other ring.

Kristi said...

Update: The wedding band sounds like it is still in the washer. If you spin the tub part, you can hear the faint rattle of metal underneath. Unfortunately, its going to take some disassembly to find it. I'm hoping the band won't have suffered too much damage--its platinum so its pretty tough (besides the bent prongs, the engagement ring looked undamaged...and the prongs were partially bent before this little debacle).

In the mean time, I picked up a cracker jack ring at Target yesterday. The more I wear it, the more I kind of like this setting, too, though it has a slightly larger "diamond" than my real one as well as two side stones (wonder what it would look like with a pair of aquamarines instead of diamonds flanking the center stone...hmmmm...)


Bethany said...

My mom replaced her wedding ring with a "cracker jack" ring when the original got too tight. Now, a few years later, she has several different rings, all different styles (some with or without stones) and she's never looked back. I asked her if she'd want another nice (expensive setting) and she didn't want to bother spending money on a new ring. She does still have her original ring in her jewelry box. My stepfather sold his when he outgrew it. He says any ring wiggles too much.

I, on he other hand, was not happy when replacing my engagement ring. It must have slipped off on a road trip because I had it on at the beginning of the trip and it wasn't there when we arrived. But now that I've got it, I like my new ring even more. Who knows, in another 10 years I'll change it up a little too.

Hope you get your ring out as painlessly as possible!

Kristi said...

I'm actually thinking that having an extra "fake" ring might be a good thing for me, even after we fix my loose stone.

We have an insurance rider specifically for the engagement ring (the wedding band is covered under the "jewelry" section of the regular homeowners policy). But even knowing that my ring would be replaced if lost or stolen, I get nervous every time I travel with it (or leave it in a locker at the gym...I don't like holding weights with rings on my fingers).

The wedding band is still in the washer. Hubby is going to attempt a little appliance surgery tonight (we can't wait any longer to do more laundry, no matter how busy we already are). I'm sure I'll post an update once its returned :)