Friday, June 18, 2010

Dead tree reading

The tree-hugger in me would love to read all my news online. The reader in me loves the fact that the stories and ads in those oversize sheets of inky newsprint don't move.

Obviously, after my last post about the new Sony, I have been thinking about e-readers and online content a lot lately. I already read a lot online. I use Google Reader to read blog posts, and am a member of a handful of Yahoo groups that I look at occasionally. I have an iGoogle page and a yahoo home page (and I forget which pops up first lately) that both attempt to "customize" news for me. And I do check (the online version of the St. Louis Post Dispatch print paper).

But I vastly prefer the bundle of paper and glossy print ads that are delivered to our house on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays (and sometimes other random days of the week). The articles don't move. Nothing pops up on top of the article I'm looking at. I don't have to watch a commercial before playing Sudoku.

The Borders/Sony store has been advertising a Wall Street Journal subscription delivered automatically to your reader (targeted towards Sony's larger "daily" edition). I wonder if that type of format might be more my speed. Except I don't read the Wall Street Journal. The Post-Dispatch has an electronic edition that looks like the , but according to their FAQ, it doesn't include the advertising inserts (which, truthfully, is about 1/3 of the reason I like reading the paper). Still, its a thought.

What do you think? Do you like reading news online? Do you hate it? Do you read a newspaper at all?


Bethany said...

I get the Sunday paper because it's got the most adds, is the thickest paper, and provides hours of entertainment. Oh, and it's got the colored funnies. I'd love to read the real paper every day, it's so much more satisfying somehow, like you can see how much of the news you read, but the papers just pile up. During the week there just isn't enough time to read the whole thing, so I check my news online.

I've also debated online subscriptions, but I'd only do so if I was still buying the regular local Sunday paper. I suppose some people replace their paper with online subscriptions, but I always viewed it as an additional service. I feel informed enough without a subscription, but who knows what I'm missing.

Kristi said...

Sunday's paper is also my favorite. The online version of the local paper doesn't have the same funnies as the print version (and they only have a very small set), though their paid online subscription might.

Charlotte has begun asking to read the comics too. And the ads (especially anything with toys). And when she does that, Trystan requests the cars (the automotive section...lots of pictures of stuff with wheels...3 year old heaven). Sunday morning breakfast has become centered around reading the paper as a family. It makes me happy. And that would probably not be the same if the paper were just online (unless 4 of us each have a tablet or reader and can share the account...)