Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kitten update

The kittens had their first vet checkup Monday. They are about 4 weeks old. And they're boys. Both of them. I would totally have lost that bet.

Not, ahem, that I can't tell the difference between the two. But they haven't really been showing off their stuff. One has barely been showing his face, let alone the rest of him.

In addition to boy parts, the kittens have fleas. No surprise there. They got de-worming medicine, and goop for their eyes. Their eyes have been mucous-y, which the vet said could indicate a feline Herpes, something exceedingly common among the great unwashed masses of strays. Flea medicines, hots and additional tests (Feline Leukemia, etc) will wait for 2 and 6 more weeks.

So the boys have had their first bath (two actually), non-medicated since they aren't old enough for a real flea dip. After their baths, they both got snuggled in towels and we had both of them purring. Even the shy guy, who has hissed at me every time I've had to move him. He was my cuddle bug (and then Charlotte's when I had to run upstairs and get Trystan out of trouble). Apparently shy guy prefers to be picked up by his scruff, something I'm squeamish about (no matter how much evidence that it doesn't hurt and that clearly, this one prefers it). Just grabbing him by that loose skin by his neck calms him right down. He must miss his momma, poor guy.

No, they don't have names yet. And no, they're not official members of the family yet. But I don't think the vocal kitten quite understands that. He is loudly insistent that he wants free reign of the entire house and free access to its 2-legged inhabitants. Shy guy may be coming around. After this mornings purr fest, he's got to feel a little less upset with us. Don't think he'll forgive the kitchen sink for a while, though.


Kathy G said...

You're putting an awful lot of time and attention into something you're *say* you're not going to keep :-)

Seven years ago when we picked out our cats from a litter at SIL's house, they were still too young to leave their mama. We thought we were getting a girl and a boy, but turns out we got two boys.

Kristi said...

We didn't say we're not going to adopt them. I just haven't said for sure that we are :) Subtle difference, lol.

I think we've been adopted by the kitties, though. The brave one in particular gets rather upset if he isn't out playing with us. Shy guy is happiest if the only 2-legged around is my husband (the kids are loud and I wield a broom...).

I suspect that our not-officially-adopted kitties will be with us for a long time :)