Saturday, September 04, 2010

Picture Day

We took the kids for photos today. We typically do it around each kid's birthday, plus a whole family photo at Christmas.  And our kids like to ham it up for  the camera.

This morning was a little hectic. When I put together the original outfits that we were going to use, we realized that the hot pink in Charlotte's version clashed badly with the brick reds of Trystan's.

Plan B involved a quick hunt through the closet, which turned up some lovely but spring-y outfits for each, plus lots of summer shorts.  We took what we had, and grabbed some of our pool toys to go for a beach look, and were only a couple of minutes late.

Despite having two wiggly kids who tend to make goofy faces when they laugh, the results were cute. And the beach look worked.

Yes, these are professional photos, and no, I'm not violating any copyrights by posting them. I'd happily just buy the image CD, but these places are apparently subsidizing all of their fancy photo printing capabilities, because the CD alone costs twice as much as a CD plus more prints than will ever make it into an album.

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