Friday, July 21, 2006

House Party

As our house resides in the half of our neighborhood that did not lose power in this week's big blackout, we seem to be hosting a house party of sorts. My SIL and BIL "broke in" yesterday while we were at work to hang out and enjoy the A/C. After work, 2 families from our neighborhod came up for dinner and ended up staying hte night to avoid the heat in their own houses. It seems there is a possibility for a third family to come over tonight, as they will be running with my husband and one of our other houseguests on Saturday morning very early in training for a marathon.

We were a bit disorganized last night about assigning rooms and beds to our friends, and getting an air mattress inflated. The pump for the airmattress was not charged and does not run off the power cord (what a pain), so we tried a combination of my tire air compressor (rigged up with part of a cooler to plug it into the wall), a hand-pump that came with one of my exercise balls, and good old fashioned lung power. Eventually, we got the thing inflated. We actually had a whole full sized bed not in use, but it is in the guest room where one of the families was staying and their youngest was already asleep when the second family decided that their house was too hot. With the possibility of a third family, we will probably rearrange a little furniture tonight, and be able to accomodate everyone. We have a lot of beds in our house.

Dinner last night and arranging sleeping was a bit chaotic, but not bad otherwise. We've hosted my entire immediate family (2 parents + 4 sisters + 1-2 assorted significant others) several times in the past. Thank goodness for 3.5 bathrooms and a slightly larger water tank!!!

In anycase, everyone is hoping for the power to come back so that we can all be comfortable in our own beds. If not, house party at our place! :)

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