Monday, July 24, 2006


It seems that our neighborhood now has power again. Our house never lost it, but several friends' houses did. Thursday and Friday we had friends staying in our assortment of guest beds. Friday night the count was 11 people (including myself, my husband, and Charlotte). Though I realize that airmattresses, sofa beds, and pack-n-plays are not the most comfortable, we at least had air conditioning, lights, and cooking equipment to offer.

Saturday morning my husband and 2 of our guests went for a run. We brought Charlotte in her jogging stroller and me and my bike. The idea was that they would run one lap with the stroller while I biked about 2, and then I'd entertain Charlotte while they finished unencumbered. However, I made an extra small trip to drop off water for them, which took longer than I thought. Then, I had trouble finding the right path. The paths are in a giant circle, with an inner loop and an outer loop, so it shouldn't have been that bad. But, I managed to miss the first split for the outer path twice, and had to backtrack to finally find the car--at this point the guys had already started on their second lap with Charlotte in tow. I'll try harder next week!

After the morning exercised, the group of us stopped by the grocery store and brought home a ton of food for breakfast/brunch. We made blueberry buttermilk pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, cantaloupe, juice and coffee for 11. It was all very good, and we were all very stuffed. By about 1pm, the power came back on in our neighborhood, so folks helped us clean up and headed home to straighten up and get groceries.

We had fun with all the company. Yes, it made the house rather full, but it lasted a short enough time that no one got on each other's nerves (that I know of), and everyone had things to do and kids to play with. It is nice to have the peace and quiet back though :)

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