Saturday, July 29, 2006

There's only so much Elmo a sane adult can stand in a day

Charlotte got sick again this week. Thursday night she threw up. A lot. She basically made it through the day at school, but her teachers were about to call us at 4:45 when we arrived to pick her up. She did manage to sleep through the night without incident, and I stayed home with her on Friday. Her stomach stayed settled yesterday, though she didn't eat much and pretty much wanted to stay in my lap on the couch all day, until she went down for a 4 hour nap after a small lunch of leftover steak. We watched way too much Elmo. Well, 1 epsiode of Sesame Street, 1 of Between the Lions, the whole movie of finding Nemo, and the start of an Elmo music DVD before I left. I also got in Finding Neverland while she was napping. Hey, I did laundry too...

My husband got home from work around 5, and there was a group of people from my office who were going out for drinks and/or dinner at 6, so we traded baby duty and I went out (conversation! with someone other than Elmo!). As it turns out, the happy hour got turned into a sort of surprise birthday celebration for one of my coworkers, which I hadn't heard about since I wasn't at work during the day. There were several people there who were friends of his, so I guess it mixed the group up a bit more than we would have been otherwise. I ended up talking to the coworkers' girlfriend's friend (I think that's right) quite a bit--she reminded me a lot of my older sister.

I left the group about 8 and got home in plenty of time for bedtime. Charlotte hadn't eaten much for dinner, but some friends had braved potential illness to bring their son up for a playdate, so she was happy and tired. My husband and I tried to go to bed early, but I'd had a lot of caffeine at dinner (for me, any caffeine is a lot) and didn't fall asleep well. 4:30 came way too soon.

My husband's marathon training group was running 12 miles this morning and wanted to beat the heat by starting at 5:30--hah! It was already 80ish and humid by then. We loaded up the 3 of us, the jogging stroller, and the bike at the insanely early hour of 5am to get to Forest Park to meet the rest of the group. I only biked one lap around (5-6 miles or so), and then rested until the runners finished their first lap. I took Charlotte to the playground, along with one of the runners who's nursing a hurt leg/shin/foot(?--I forget which) and her son, and tried to convince Charlotte to play for a while. She's still low on energy and mostly wanted to swing and munch Cheerios till it was time to go. We got home at about 9:30 (well, home and unloaded), and she crashed for a (rare) morning nap, as did my husband. That leaves me showered, dressed, tired, and with free time on the computer. Lucky you!

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