Thursday, March 08, 2007

For the record...YES I'm ready...

In case you were wondering, yes I'm ready for the baby to be born. We're pretty much done preparing at home. I'm full term. The baby is certainly big enough (2 weeks ago , he was estimated at 6lbs 4oz by low-birthweight baby here...). We have our emergency contacts ready and waiting to take Charlotte (including friends in the neighborhood who could react quickly if its the middle of the night, and Charlotte's aunt and uncle and grandparents who are farther away but will come to help out as soon as they hear). Anytime this kiddo wants to make an appearance is fine by me--in fact, the sooner he comes, the smaller he'll be, and the better chance my VBAC has of succeeding (or at least, the better chance I have of it succeeding without freaking out doctors and hospital staff that it won't work). No, I'm not taking off of work early--at least, no earlier than my due date. I would do nothing but sit around the house and watch TV, and eat up my leave time, so what's the point--I'd rather have more bonding time with the little guy later than catch up on Oprah and my knitting now.

With Charlotte, I never got to the stage of being "ready" and impatient for labor to start. But I'm already a week past when she came, which was all I was hoping to get to this time around. I don't know any sure-fire ways to kick off labor (short of being induced, which is not on the menu, or scheduling a c-section, something I don't want to do either). I don't truly believe that spicy Mexican food will do the trick--despite my salsa story from last time, I had enough other signs that I overlooked at the time, that the Mexican was just a coincidence. I'm starting to take more walks, hoping that will help with contractions, but really it is just an excuse to see a little sunlight and help Charlotte burn off some of her evening energy. In any case, no matter what kind of crazy antics I try to get labor started, I really know that it will come in it's own time.

But really, kid, now would be great!


the squeaky mouse gets the cheese said...

we're ready too... waiting to hear.

acwo said...

Nice blog, I like it :)
keep it up!