Friday, March 16, 2007

Still Pregnant

My contractions slowly faded away on Wednesday, depsite additional walking (including the 1-mile loop around the Mills). Everyone was surprised to see me at work on Thursday. And today. I'm only 39 weeks, but I've been told by my dr that things could happen "any time".

I did find some red raspberry leaf tea at Wild Oats on my way home from yesterday's regularly scheduled Dr visit....maybe if I make the whole box, and then walk around the neighborhood a few hundred times this weekend....and I've already requested a bowl of my husband's fresh salsa for Sunday. My doc is out of town this weekend, and the partner who delivered Charlotte is on call (my doc was out of town for Charlotte too...maybe that means I have a chance of going this weekend....). There is no baby shower planned for this weekend (like there was for the weekend before Charlotte came), but we do have my IL's as houseguests, hopefully to be here to help out when the baby comes.

Then again, maybe this baby is like I was--willing to hang on till the last possible moment. I was a 42 week-er, but with a surprisingly fast labor that my dad nearly missed because he tried to call his parents to tell them that I was coming. Maybe I should spike that salsa with some of the tea leaves, and find an article on emergency home births for my husband...

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