Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Not yet

Despite possible rumors to the contrary, I am still preganant. Sunday night we had another false alarm. This time I was sure my water had broken--not the huge gush that I got with Charlotte, but more liquid over a longer period than any bladder accident (which I have NOT been having trouble with anyway)--and it was clear fluid, with no off (i.e. urine) smell. However, the trickle stopped, and I am told that the membranes appear intact. Darn the luck.

I was having contractions, and had dialated a bit further (up to 2+ cm), and the contractions continued Sunday night and all day Monday (though 5-10 minutes apart). Today, nada. I am not at work the last two days. Yesterday, I didn't feel great with contractions, and am getting tired of scraping together enough work to keep me busy for only a day at a time (since I can't guarantee I'll return the next day to finish anything). Today I had a Dr appointment (NST was normal, as usual, still dilated 2ish cm). Now, I'm lounging on the couch, getting ready to watch a movie, and being a tiny bit careless with my sick days, which, together with short-term disability, are paying for part of my maternity leave...That means that I'll have a week (hopefully not 2) more of time off, though unpaid at the end (still wanting 12 weeks off after the baby is actually born...the time can be arranged, the money does run out before then). Then again, if I'm feeling this "normal" tomorrow and the weather is in the upper 60's as the last forecast said they would be, perhaps I'll gather friends and take Charlotte to the zoo, and try to walk myself into labor :)

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