Thursday, June 21, 2007

On Again/Off Again

Yesterday I spent some time trading phone calls with Trystan's surgeon's office about whether he would be in shape for his surgery tomorrow. During the routine blood test, it was determined that he is a little anemic and has a slightly low red blood cell count. I had to bring him in today to talk to the anesthesiologist, who said that the numbers were not that low, and that there is frequently a dip around 3 months of age. He gave the thumbs up for the surgery to go ahead. We got back home an hour ago, and I've been mentally preparing for the day--what time I can last feed him before the surgery, what we need to pack, etc.

I just got another phone call from the surgeon's office. Even though Trystan's been cleared for tomorrow, the surgery is being postponed. There is some emergency case that the doctor is attending to instead. I'll find out in the next day or so when the new date is.

I'm very frustrated. Contemplating surgery for a 3-month old is stressful enough, and having someone play with the date does not help. Also, I start back to work next week, which means that I will have to somehow arrange time off for the surgery later--I start back to work with NO sick time and NO vacation time as it has all been paid out as part of my maternity leave. The only upside is that I'll be working 3 days a week and will probably be able to rearrange my work days when the new date is set--my only other way to take time off again is through FMLA, and will involve a lot of paperwork. My mom and two of my sisters are coming in for the weekend to help out with Charlotte--Mom was on her way to the kennel with her dog when I called. They're still going to come and just have a fun visit instead, but she may not be able to make it back next time, which will make arrangements for Charlotte more difficult. Finally, I'll have to go through all of the anxiety that I've been feeling all morning again. That just sucks.

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Amanda said...

Wish we were there to help.