Thursday, July 19, 2007


We're home! Trystan was discharged this morning. The
surgeons had OK'd him to start on pedialyte and small
feeds last night, and he had no trouble keeping
anything down. In my opinion, he would have been fine
to start eating hours earlier--he was starving all day
and clearly mad at me for not feeding him :) This
morning he has been smiling and giggling and all
around feeling good for the first time since late last
week when he first got sick.
He was sent home with just tylenol for pain if needed,
and can go back to daycare next week if we think he's
up to it--If he's as good all weekend as he has been
all morning, he will do just fine.

His next surgery (the one originally scheduled for
this past Monday) will be in about 6 weeks, and we
have an appointment with the surgeon in 5. Hopefully
next time we won't have so much drama beforehand!

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