Saturday, July 07, 2007

Rude people

We were involved in a hit and run accident this morning. Thankfully, it's not serious--very little damage to my husband's car, and definitely no injuries. In fact, the bump was light enough that the other driver told the police that he didn't realize that he even hit us (yeah, right).

All four of us were loaded in the car on the way to get haircuts for my husband and daughter. Hubby first stopped for a carwash--one of those tunnel types where a conveyor belt carries your car through all the brushes and soaping. We'd just pulled onto the track and put the car in neutral, and saw the car behind us pull up really close and stop suddenly. I shouldn't call it a car, as it was a very large, newer looking beige truck--the kind that might be practical if you actually hauled things in it, but had way too nice of a paint job to be doing any real heavy work that I could see. The carwash started pulling us in, and suddenly we felt another bump--much too hard to be the jerking of the carwash belt, but since we were in neutral, not hard enough to really smash the car. We were already in the soap at this point, so the attendants let us continue through. I fished in my bag for paper and pen to write down insurance info on. We pulled out of the carwash and off to the side so my husband could get out and check for damage. I was already watching for the truck to emerge from the wash, ready to write down the license plate number--I think I had a hunch that the guy would drive off. Sure enough, he left the carwash and drove away without so much as a backwards glance--even though my husband was standing right there trying to get his attention.

We called the police and put in a report. The carwash attendant had the same story that we did--that he "gunned it" and stopped suddenly once, and then did it again and hit us. They were really nice and helpful, giving a report to the police, and had also written down the license number. They had an incident report form where they wrote everything up very quickly. The police immediately went to the truck's house and talked to the other driver, who claimed that he didn't know he hit us. We heard back from the carwash manager a couple of hours later that the truck's driver then came back to the carwash and tried to complain that the accident was the attendant's fault.

I'm trying to refrain from calling this driver a variety of unpleasant names. Clearly, he knew that he hit us, or he would have been complaining to the insurance that we were trying to pass off old damage as a new accident. He realizes that there were multiple witnesses: at least one attendant--there were 2 + the manager working at the time--plus my husband and I, and a security camera. So, now he's going to try blaiming the carwash. I don't care what he claimes the attendant was telling him--he should have been able to clearly see the car sitting practically motionless in front of him, and been competent enough to know that he should not hit it. I just hope his insurance company (and ours, and the carwash's) straighten him out about that.

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