Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Update on Trystan

Sorry for the mass e-mail, but this seemed the
quickest way to update several people on what is going
Trystan was scheduled for surgery Monday morning for
the next step to repairing (completing?) his GI tract.
Unfortunately, Friday night he started showing
symptoms of a stomach flu--throwing up, lack of
appetite. Charlotte had also been a bit cranky
earlier in the week, so we were afraid that he had
caught something from her or from Daycare. We talked
both to our regular pediatrician and the surgeon's
staff several times, and he appeared to be feeling
better Saturay. By Sunday, he was still not eating
much, still throwing up a bit, and hadn't acutally
passed any stool for over a day, so we brought him to
the Childrens' ER. He was admitted Saturday night,
and after a night of X-rays, having blood drawn
several times, a suction tube placed into his stomach,
IV, etc, it was determined that he had a bowel
obstruction. He had scar tissue from his first
surgery that was squeezing part of his lower intestine
so that nothing could pass. So, Monday afternoon he
had surgery after all, but to correct the bowel
obstruction by removing the scar tissue that was
blocking things. The surgery went quickly, and he was
doing well Monday night. He will stay for a couple of
days to maybe a week, waiting for his digestive system
to get moving again and to start eating and keeping
food down again. His previously scheduled surgery
will be postponed about 6 weeks.

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