Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Yesterday I got a flat tire. An exceedingly flat tire. I got in my car
and started driving my normal route home, actually annoyed with myself
for not hopping on the highway--My husband was picking up the kids to
give me a few extra minutes to finish dinner for our weekly D&D group,
and I forgot and started driving towards daycare first. Good thing,
because it sounded like I was dragging a piece of metal behind my car,
and my backseat seemed to be a little low. When I pulled into a parking
lot, I could see that one of my rear tires was so flat that I was
basically driving on the rim, cutting a groove into the puddle rubber.
I weighed my choices at that point, and opted to just fill the tire with
air and hope I made it home before it completely flattened out again--it
was 95+ degrees on the blacktop of that parking lot, my trunk was full
of stroller, and I had serious doubts about my ability to loosen the
bolts (or nuts?) on the tire in order to put on the spare by myself.
When I got home, my husband changed it to my spare (with Charlotte's
"help") while I tried to quickly throw dinner in the oven (spinach
manicotti..mostly prepped the night before, but needing the final oven
bake), clean up (yeah, right), and nurse the baby before everyone
arrived for gaming. Lacking actual superpowers, I provided a late
dinner in an overly messy kitchen, but with a well-fed baby (what can I
say, he cries louder than our friends do when hungry....). This morning
I drove myself to work with the donut on. I'm off tomorrow-I'll have to
fix it then, or maybe tonight.

My work today was hosting a "wellness screening" where I could get my
cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure, BMI/body fat %, etc checked. The
net result was that everything they checked fell into "normal" ranges,
except my HDL level. That's the "good cholesterol" and mine is low
(higher is better). I didn't mention to the nurses that I was
breastfeeding, which might help explain how a diet full of chocolate
(and pretty much any other food item that catches my fancy) could
possibly result in low LDL cholesterol levels *and* low HDL levels. I
wonder if Trystan is sucking all the fat right out of my bloodstream.
Most of the advice for increasing your HDL levels also says that it will
lower your LDL level-something I don't really have to be so concerned
about. In fact, maybe the reason I feel like eating so much chocolate
all the time is my body's way of telling me that I need the fat. The
suggestions for raising HDL's include eating "good fats" like canola oil
(the only kind I use for baking--well, the only *liquid* fat I use for
baking--I'm a fan of real butter), olive oil (which I use for most
everything non-sweet), and peanuts, and adding soluble fiber (oatmeal,
granola, whole grains-I already eat a lot of this), and aerobic exercise
(which I definitely don't get enough of lately). I had to fast before
the screening, I was starving by then (all of 9am...I'm a wimp. A
hungry wimp), and it was held in the cafeteria. I was very tempted to
swing through the line and pickup a donut or pastry on my way back to my
cube--but the page full of numbers helped remind me about the lowfat
yogurt with strawberries and granola I had waiting for me downstairs.
If only they made the things with canola oil instead of shortening....

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