Monday, August 06, 2007


Trystan has two new games. As of the 27th of July, he can roll over in
both directions (front to back, and back to front). Until that Thursday
morning, he was able to get about 80% of the way from his back to his
front, and had preferred to sleep on his side that way for a week or
two. About 30 seconds after figuring out how to get both his shoulders
and his hips both moving the same direction to land on his tummy, he
pushed up on his arms and rolled himself right back. He's been a little
slow to repeat the performance until this weekend. Now he's not just
rolling, but chaining the rolls to really move around the room. Last
night I actually had to latch the gate at the top of our stairs because
he kept rolling towards the door to my bedroom while I was folding
clothes, and yesterday afternoon he managed to grab his blanket and roll
and get wrapped up in it, requiring a rescue (he has not quite figured
out to let go of objects).

His second game is to wait until he is undressed, then reach down and
grab at his ostomy bag and pull. The things are adhered to his skin,
some days better than others. He has succeeded once in completely
pulling it off, making a mess of himself with its contents in the
process. I know it's a game because he reaches down and grabs and then
gives me the biggest grin-I then try to tell him not to pull, and remove
his hand from the bag. And then he grabs again, until I get clothes or
at least a blanket covering him. When we're changing the bag, he also
likes to reach down and feel what's going on, usually getting his own
mess or some of the adhesive all over his hand in the process. I can't
wait until we're done with these things for good (still 2 or 3 months
more if all goes well from here).

I've also come to realize that the fact that I'm "home with the kids" on
Thursdays and Fridays doesn't really mean that I'm physically located in
my home. Friday after breakfast, Charlotte asked me where we were
going. I tried to tell her that we weren't going anywhere for the day,
and I don't think she believed me. Most days we're going to doctor
appointments, to the library for story hour, or going somewhere with
friends (the zoo, the Magic House, the play areas at the mall, an
occaisional movie). As it turns out, we did go somewhere-we met my
husband for lunch at McDonalds, and Charlotte got to spend half an hour
or so climbing on the indoor gerbil tube set, until a roaring lion
scared her off of it (a lion who looked a lot like a 8 year old boy to
me, but she was done anyway).

I did get my tires replaced last week. Sams' Club had the best prices
by far of all that I called-almost half of what everyone else wanted. I
almost had them replace all 4 tires, but realized that I only have 38000
miles on my car, so the other two could probably wait another 10k or so.
I still need to take my car for an estimate on my rear bumper. I
managed to hit a parked car while backing out of my own garage-not just
any parked car, but the car of a friend who had come over to watch my
kids for a few minutes while I ran an errand. After playing phone tag
with my insurance for a couple of days, her car has been fixed up and
paid for. I just haven't had time to take my own for its estimate. If
the estimate is at all close to my deductible ($500), then I'll probably
pay for my own repairs myself (ouch ouch ouch, but better than risking
jumps in my insurance). All in all, it's an expensive couple of weeks,
carwise. I made my last payment on my car this month too-I had been
looking forward to at least a couple of months off from car bill$, but I
was apparently not so fortunate.

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