Tuesday, August 28, 2007


It seems that since having children, every Labor Day weekend is
accompanied by illness or infirmity of some sort. I guess it has to do
with the start of school, when all those children get together and share
all of the germs they've acquired on their summer vacations. Those
children then bring their sickness home to their smaller siblings, who
bring them to daycare and pass them to my children, who, kind souls that
they are, directly transfer them to me (generally through sucked-on
fingers inserted directly into my mouth). Aren't babies and toddlers

Trystan is sick. He was running a slight fever the end of the day
yesterday, and had one vomiting episode as I picked him up from daycare
(all over me). I freaked out the entire ride home, as the last time he
vomited he ended up in the hospital with surgery. So far it seems that
this is not the same. Trystan was clingy and sleepy and clearly feeling
sick all night, but not to his stomach. He only nursed once in the
evening (out of his normal 2-3 times), but then wanted to eat every 2
hours or so overnight. By 3am or so, he just came and slept in our
bed--much nicer on me than attempting to sleep in the rocking chair in
his room. He had Tylenol before bed, but continued to run a fever
overnight. Unmedicated, it was 101 this morning. My husband is staying
home with him for the day, and taking him to the doctor. I think she'll
conclude that it's just a virus. I hope she'll conclude that it's just
a virus.

The poor kiddo must be feeling awful. A head full of drainage, crampy
stomach/intestines, slightly sore throat, headache, aches all over...no
wonder he was so clingy. I would be too. In fact, if I had a
comfortable chest to curl up on for a nap right now, I would take
it--those are the symptoms that I'm starting to feel. Lucky me. Maybe,
however, this will run its course through the family and be gone before
the weekend, so we can enjoy a visit from my mom and a couple of my

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