Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Illness followup

Trystan's illness from last week was just a virus. My husband did take him to the pediatrician, who tested him for a kidney infection. Poor kiddo had to wait around and be manipulated as they attempted to collect a urine sample by catheter—after two failures (I believe he peed before they could get the catheter in), they ended up with a lucky "catch" and collected a sample in a cup. They waited so long that the ped had a speaker of some sort for a talk within her office, and ended up offering my husband some of the pizza they had ordered from the group. They also had to provide him with a couple of extra diapers, as the repeated failures to catch the pee wiped out the diaper bag's stash. By Wednesday, he was feeling quite a bit better, and I stayed home with both kids, and even ventured to the library with Charlotte for story hour. Initial tests showed that it was unlikely that he had an infection, and indeed the culture failed to grow anything of interest.

It's a little scary how reactive we have to be to everything happening to Trystan. He's not allowed to be a typical baby who gets the occasional virus from daycare. With every fever, we're going to worry about kidney infections, and every large spitup could be the first sign of another bowel obstruction. Any unexplained symptoms like lethargy could be signs of heart problems. It is easy to forget from day to day that we have a baby with some rather severe health problems. He is such a happy, active, bright baby that I forget that I should be worried about so many things.

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