Saturday, September 08, 2007


The last couple of weekends have been pretty busy for us, unlike today. My husband and both kids are all asleep, so I actually have a couple of minutes on the computer :) Here's the highlights:

I got Charlotte and Trystan's pictures taken several weeks ago, and both kids were happy and smiling and cute. Here's one of my favorites:

Charlotte turned 3 on the 24th. We had a little party for a couple of her playmates. By "little" I mean that there were only 4 other kids in attendance. My husband and I might have gone a little overboard on the cake:

Also, we don't appear to have a good photo of it, but Princess Charlotte hosted her guests in a "bounce castle". We're talking a 10x10 inflated bouncer like they have at fairs. We bought the thing--larger ones can be rented but there are apparently some restrictive laws about them around here (rental places need to provide an "attendant" as if it's a carnival ride). The purchased one is huge and fairly heavy-duty, and just about fits in our basement (we have 9ft ceilings and the top is a little squashed, but it still could go outside if the weather weren't 100degrees or raining). Yes, we spoil her. But we got her a lot of good exercise in the process. Here's a closer photo of her inside:

Over Labor Day weekend, my mom and baby sister came to stay. We went to the St. Louis County Fair and Air Show and got to see the Blue Angels (very cool). Charlotte got to climb in several of the planes and helicopters on exhibit, and loved it. She also got to ride several carnival rides, though she was upset that she couldn't ride the big viking ship--she's too short. I think she's still got part of a bag of cotton candy to finish too. Unfortunately we had loaned our camera to friends, so we have no photos.

We're gearing up for Trystan's next surgery on the 17th of September. He will have at least one more after that to finish out his GI tract. Another of my sister's (#4 of 5) is coming to stay with us for that week to give us moral support and some extra attention for Charlotte. After my experience with Trystan's last hospital stay, I'm expecting to stay likely all of the nights with him this time--he should be eating a little quicker, and could use more attention when he's not eating (assuming he's feeling up to cuddle time...I think the company will help him relax even if he's hurting some). Last time I came home and slept in my bed a couple of times as the entire weekend before I'd basically not slept because he was so sick. It won't be fun for Charlotte (any of us really), but we will all make it through.

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