Friday, August 15, 2008

Book List update and a 66% Year Update

I posted the other day that I finished Eldest by Christopher Paolini.

Then, within about 36 hours, I started and finished The Lost Duke of Wyndham by Julia Quinn. It was the first of hers that I'd read, but won't be the last. For a historical, it had a great pace and refreshing characters--the hero especially was not your typical romance alpha male. He was more of the class clown. Don't get me wrong, he was sufficiently male (with the super-man phyiscal prowess to go with it), just lacking in that annoying machismo that turns off a lot of non-romance readers.

I keep thinking I missed posting a book, but Eldest was pretty long, so maybe not.

What am I reading now? Two books--Death Angel by Linda Howard (which I won from a different author's blog), and Sizzle and Burn by Jayne Ann Krentz. The second one I picked up at the library--off the 7-day loan shelves, of course. I've read many of her Amanda Quick historical titles, including a couple in the "Arcane Society" series. Sizzle and Burn is a contemporary and also ties into the Arcane Society. I love her Amanda Quick titles, and I'm about 50 pages into this one. So far so good!

I didn't post a mid-year update, but maybe I should have. Here's my totals for the year, broken down (kind of loosely) by category:

General Fiction - 6 (includes John Grisham, Ken Follet, etc)
Contemporary Romance - 5 This is higher than normal for me. I'm usually a historical fan
Sci Fi/Fantasy - 5 I bought one of these thinking it was a historical romance. Now I know.
Historical Romance - 4 Fifteen years ago, this category would have far outstripped all others. Five years ago it would have been virtually null. The pendulum swings.
Women's Lit (Chick Lit) - 2 I could probably recategorize these in General Fic and Contemporary romance, but together they made a little grouping. And I have more to add to their number by years end)

Grand total = 22 books, with 2 more in progress and about a dozen on my shelf. I must remember to avoid the library....


Kathy G said...


What am I reading? The Post-Dispatch, Blogs, and the Riverfront Times. No comparison.

Kristi said...

I'm a little obsessed with books. Have been all my life. I read a handful of blogs too, but I at best only skim the Sunday paper (and then, spend most of my time on the sale ads and the comics). And I might catch the tv news once a week (for about 15 minutes). I frequently tell myself that I should watch and/or read more news & less fiction. But for me that's like saying I should eat more broccoli and less chocolate...I could do it, but I've never had enough will power to keep at it for long!

Robin Bielman said...

Oh, I LOVE Julia Quinn! Her books are wonderful!