Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Little Princess

Our little princess turned 4 on Sunday. She is still recovering from a weekend filled with fun activities, sugar, and more gifts than are probably healthy to receive in such a short period of time. Princess indeed.

In some ways, Char is so grown up suddenly. She started pre-k through her daycare this Monday, along with a new session of dance class. This year, she gets tap as well as ballet instruction, and she was thrilled to death to go with me to buy her new shoes. She also got to pick out a new leotard and a fluffy tutu that will be used mostly for dressup at home. She was the only girl in her class in a non-pink leotard ("Purple is my best!").

The past two days, she has come home from school with that grade-school lined paper (the kind with the dotted line down the middle of two solid lines), needing to practice writing her name. And her progress is amazing. From mostly getting all her letters on a sheet of paper (in no particular order, line, or direction), she has now become almost legible. That's quite a feat with a name as long as hers is. I think I was lucky growing up--6 letters in my first name, and only 3 in my original last name.

Never make the mistake of leaving Trystan out of the action. Anything his sister can do, he can do also. And he will scream the house down until you let him try. The following photo is proof of that. Note, he did have some help getting the dress on, but he already had a leg in the neck hole. He demanded the addition of the tiara as well.

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flatflo said...

Wow...when Trystan gets to that annoying pre-teen stage of insubordination, you now have blackmail material!