Sunday, November 09, 2008


On Thursday,for the first time ever, I felt a little guilty about sharing a restaurant meal with my kids. We went to Red Lobster with my in-laws. The choice of restaurant was Charlotte's. Red Lobster had an all-you-can-eat shrimp specical, and Char was in the mood for shrimp. The kids menu offers "popcorn" shrimp, but she likes the naked kind with the tail still on. We ordered a mac & cheese for her and her brother to split, and told her she could share a few of mine or her daddy's. Apparently she was hungry that night, because, had we ordered her own portion, she would probably have eaten her money's worth. Yikes. I still don't know where she put it all (hollow legs? The jury's still out...)

And, for another random first, today I bought a calendar before the new year. In fact, usually I buy calendars on clearance racks well into January, or sometimes February or March. Never full price. Never never in November. And yet, coordinating all of our activities is getting to be a tougher job every month. So, when I spotted a nice "family calendar" (one with dedicated space for every family member, for every day), I went ahead and bought it.

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