Monday, November 17, 2008

Some are Stripey or Polka Dot...

What do you wear to bed? (To actually sleep in—really, I’m not interested in your collection of nocturnal sportswear).

I’m a PJ kind of gal, but I wasn’t always. When I was a kid, I mostly wore t-shirts—big, baggy, butt-covering t-shirts. Sometimes mine, sometimes “obtained” from cast-offs of the taller members of my family. We were not an overly formal bunch in the mornings, and I’m one of 5 girls, so there was never much worry about showing the wrong parts to the wrong members of your family. Sometime in high school, I discovered men’s boxer shorts at the local discount stores, and started adding those to my nightly wardrobe—the crazier the pattern, the better.

For Christmas every year, my mom always bought us brand new PJ’s. They were the one present we were guaranteed to be allowed to open on Christmas Eve, frequently early enough in the evening to allow time for a pre-wearing wash. She wanted us all presentable for the Christmas Morning photo shoot. It’s a tradition our family still shares, and Mom buys all of us (including the men and children that we’ve added over the years) cozy Christmas jammies every year. I have quite the collection of red and green flannel.

But I think that its only since I’ve had an actual salary to spend that I’ve really gone gung-ho on nightgowns and sleep sets. My pajama drawer overfloweth, and I have to rotate things in and out with the seasons in order to have room to store them all. I’m kind of particular about what I sleep in—preferably cotton (flannel or knit), and it has to have sleeves. Don’t know why sleeping in a tank top bothers me, but it does.

Lately, I’m enjoying a sort of PJ renaissance. I’ve spent enough time pregnant or breastfeeding over the past few years that I’ve had to limit my PJ collection (i.e. long night gowns with no button opening at the top don’t work when you’re nursing, and when you’re the size of a barn, your PJ’s have to be also). But suddenly, I’m my normal size, with no access requirements (let’s keep our minds PG here, please), so I’m digging out all my old favorites from the past—long gowns, Capri sets, flannel 2-pieces, fleece.

So, I’d embed a fancy poll in this message, but 1) I’m not sure how and 2) my computer tends to freak out on blogs with polls. So instead, I’ll just ask. Anyone willing to admit what they sleep in? The buff? Old football jerseys? Tidy Whities?

(Bonus points to anyone who gets the reference in my title...)


Angela said...

We can all pajammy in whatever we've got!

I'm with you. After spending the past five years either pregnant or breastfeeding, I'm finally able to wear my old Victoria's Secret flannel sets--and I'm loving it. (By the way, we used to get pajamas every Christmas Eve, too! I loved that tradition.)

Amanda said...

I have a thing for jammies. Seriously, the pajama aisle at clothing stores call to me. I have to limit myself. I like sleep pants and a tee-shirt myself. The occasional night gown or silky thing too. I'm all about the comfort when sleeping and tend toward the cotton as well.

Kristi said...

Very good Angela! And I had that silly book stuck in my head the rest of yesterday. Did you know there's a song version of it (Google Philadelphia Chickens).....pajammy to the left, pajammy to the right...