Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Every Day Magic

Bright morning sunlight streams through our family room window wall,
thanks to our house's East-West orientation. When it does, the light
illuminates the small flecks of dust in the air. When I see the tiny
sparkles, I think about furnace filters and vacuum cleaning. Trystan
sees stars.

Inspired by Dora, Trystan loves to try to catch those early morning
stars in his hands. "Catch Stars" he says as he claps little hands
together, sending the specks scattering away. He then carefully opens
his hands to peek, and says "Oh No!" in his baby falsetto, and tries
again. And he counts them: "Unn. Oooh. Eee. Four. Fi." Precious.

Oh, to be a child again and see magic and possibilities where grown-ups
see work and problems.

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