Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Thing: Facebook

It's been a while since I've posted any of my "new things" for the year.
I've probably missed a few. This weekend, I created an account on
Facebook. I did some quick searches for a few friends who I knew had
profiles, and found pages for dozens of friends from high school and
college. I've requested quite a few friends, and had lots of people see
and add me also.

With how fast I went from empty profile to lots of friends, I can see
the time-sucking addictive appeal of the site. I have a profile on
MySpace too. Can't say I've been on MySpace much. Don't know that I'll
be super-active on Facebook, either. It depends on the result of free
time + internet access - more important things to do :) Losing lots of
time to the blackhole of social networking isn't real high on my to-do

Still, feel free to drop me a note or a friend request. Like with
MySpace, I do reply when prodded by non-spammers :)

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