Monday, April 20, 2009

A few hours left...

Ever entered a recipe contest? I've sent a few recipes here and there
into Better Homes & Gardens or other contests. No, I've never won.
Doesn't stop me from trying, though :)

Today, I entered the <a
href="">Pillsbury Bake Off</a>. The
winner gets $1 million, and the 100 finalists get a trip to Florida to
compete in the actual bake-off event. The contest is held every other
year and HGTV tends to broadcast it. Entering, for me, is like buying a
(free) lottery ticket. I'm not holding my breath. But boy its fun to

I'm not telling you what I entered. Maybe later this year, when the
actual finalists are announced, I'll post it to my blog. I entered in
the "Sweet Treats" category :) Thought about options for the breakfast
one, but never got around to actually creating a recipe.

Got a good recipe? Go over and enter. Submissions close today, Monday
April 20th, so you only have a few hours left. And the recipes are
required to use ingredients from specific lists of sponsored items,
which could be tricky. If you do, good luck! And may the best baker
win :)

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