Tuesday, October 06, 2009

New Thing: Blood

I gave blood today.  First time ever.
I’ve just never gotten around to it before.  I remember volunteering to help with a blood drive in my high school, but I was too young to donate.  And they frequently have them at work, but in the last 2 years that my group has been located in a building near one of the cafeterias, every blood drive has been when I’m out of work or on antibiotics for strep.
I think it took longer to fill out all the paperwork than for the blood to actually flow.  Or rather, to wait while my information was typed into the computer. And it’s funny that I was nervous beforehand.  After 2 pregnancies (they take like half a dozen vials of blood early on…right when I had morning sickness) and 2 c-sections (With IV’s and spinals), this was nothing. 
And they give you cookies and juice when its over. J


Bethany said...

I'm permanently barred from giving blood. Pretty sad.

First I lived in Europe during the Mad Cow disease scare, and unless they've lifted the ban that means no blood donation.

AND then there's the matter of the Antrax shots. A little disconcerting but shots the Army gave me forbid me from giving blood to people who could otherwise die (and I'm a universal donor).

So thanks for donating. I'd give if I could. It is so very important.

Brian said...

Yay! Thanks for donating!

Now you're on the list. Expect a phone call in two months when again become eligible. :)