Wednesday, October 21, 2009

White Dress 1.0

Char was really cute yesterday, if I do say so myself. I am quite proud of the dress that I made. The construction of it was pretty easy, but I did have to re-draft the sleeves. Unfortunately, I am calling this dress 1.0, because I expect that there will be a 2.0. Much as I like the dress, the design has a few drawbacks.

The pre-gathered fabric that I used was not as full as I think the pattern expected, and I didn't notice until I had it sewn together.. So Char's dress is kind of narrow and long. Hard to run in. It would be fine for just going to church, but even on white-dress days at school, she gets to play and possibly have gym class.

If/when I get around to another dress, it'll be shorter, with a fuller skirt and a better lining (or I'll buy extra fabric to make a slip out of). In the mean time, she does have a beautiful dress, and I have a pattern that could be used for a different color of pre-smocked fabric.

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