Thursday, October 15, 2009

Quote of the Day

This morning while I was driving her to school, Charlotte told me:
God gave me the idea to be a rock star, but I dont even know how to get to the stage!
I, being the supportive and loving mother that I am, laughed. 
And then I suggested that she keep singing in church, and pay attention in music class (its one of a few “specials” that they rotate through at school), and we can look into piano lessons after Christmas.  We also have Rock Band for the Wii, and she’s quite the enthusiastic singer (its hilarious to hear a 5-year old girl belting out 80’s heavy metal…). 
With the immense popularity of Hannah Montana, I predict that Char will have lots of competition from other budding rock stars as she grows.  But a girl’s entitled to a dream, and as a parent, I can definitely support one that involves education (I’m thinking music lessons, either now or in a few years, won’t do her any harm!)

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