Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Its time for my semi-annual rant

I've said it before. Daylight savings time. Totally sucks.

Ya’ll realize that no one gained anything in the wee hours of Sunday, right? Same hours, same sunlight, the Earth still spins exactly the same as it did on Saturday. All we did was re-label everything and waste an hour re-programming every clock in the house (and car). Every clock except for those few that auto-adjust and have been displaying the wrong time for like 3 weeks, because Congress decided to muck with the dates long after electronics designers began making devices more convenient.

Seriously folks, pick a number, and stick to it.

I’m still curious to see if there is any hard data that supports the idea that daylight savings time somehow saves energy. I have yet to see a company who actually changes how many hours a day they turn the lights (and computers) on, no matter how sunny or dark it is.

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