Monday, May 15, 2006

How to relax on Mother's Day

My mom and baby sister (she's 9) spent the weekend with us over Mother's Day weekend. They arrived late on Friday, which gave us (well, my husband mostly) time to put up more new hardware in Charlotte's bathroom (the guest bathroom). We had put up a medicine cabinet a week or two ago, and he hung a towel bar, towel hooks, and a new toilet paper holder.

Saturday morning my mom and Katie got to play with Charlotte, and we walked down to the park as a group for play time. We also attempted to get our dragon kite flying--this was our second attempt, and though it went better than the first one, the dragon still won't stay up for very long. Charlotte found it vastly amusing to see her mommy and daddy take turns running up and down a grassy field pulling a kite. She even took a turn or two herself--with one of us holding the kite off the mud.

Saturday afternoon was spent napping. Charlotte refused to go down without a car ride to put her to sleep, but ended up with a good 2 hour nap. We were going to visit a museum in the afternoon, but that didn't work out. Instead we headed to a local mall, had dinner, playtime, and shopping time. Katie wanted to climb the rock wall, but we arrived 10 minutes too late. Still, we had fun.

Sunday morning my mom and Katie were getting ready to drive home when we discovered that Mom's car keys were locked in her car--Katie had accidentally dropped them the day before when getting something out of it. We had to call a locksmith, and Charlotte and I headed off to church (my husband is in the choir, and was already there).

We arrived half an hour late--just in time for their annual blessing of the mothers. The rest of the service was too busy--Charlotte spent time running up and down the stairs in the loft where we were sitting, and then filled a stinky diaper right as communion was starting, so after going through the line, I took her to the restroom to change. We came back up just in time for the closing song, but Charlotte wanted to play outside and not sit in the chapel.

Lunch at Olive Garden with my sister and brother-in-law was also trying, since Charlotte was overly tired and the food was slow in coming. We all took turns taking her for a walk before and during our meal. Luckily she crashed on the way home.

We had fun, but I wouldn't call it relaxing!

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