Monday, May 01, 2006

March of Dimes walk

Saturday was the March of Dimes Walkamerica. For the second year, our little family of 3 participated. This year, we didn't so much raise money as we donated money--I didn't try that hard to solicite donations, though. We had fun though. The event that we went to was set up in Forest Park. There were lots of sponsors giving out a variety of freebies before the walk, including balloons, pens, golf tees, and hankies. I think the hankies get my vote for the best giveaway--they can be useful, and are perfectly sized for baby doll blankets.

Unfortunately, it was wet. Very wet. When we arrived around 9, it was just damp, and right as we all started walking at 10, it started pouring on us. My husband had his goretex jacket on, and Charlotte got an empty trashbag as a blanket, plus her rain jacket. I, on the other hand, don't seem to own any rain gear (I have an old trenchcoat-type raincoat, but it's long and lacks a hood and is totally inappropriate for tromping though the mud with a jogging stroller). I had a light jacket on over my sweatsuit, and used a couple of the free hankies to cover my head as we walked (changing them as they soaked through).

Charlotte was thrilled with the balloons, and the dogs that joined their owners on the walk, and all of the people (baby) watching. She enjoyed some time stomping in the puddles before and after the walk, and ate 2 of the free hotdogs they provided for us afterwards. (I actually ate one hotdog--I hate the things, but I was hungry....I think I've now met my quota for the next year or two...).

All in all, it was a fun morning. If anyone feels like donating money, it's for a good cause. Here's my last and final (very weak) attempt at fundraising--you can donate online at

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