Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Movie Review: Kingdom of Heaven

So we're a little behind the times on watching movies. Having recently discovered the Blockbuster online movie program, though, maybe I'll get to see a few good ones that I've missed from the past, oh, 5 years or so :)

We saw Kingdom of Heaven over the weekend. My overall review: I enjoyed it, but it takes itself a little too seriously. It was hard not to enjoy a lot of it--lots of action, Orlando Bloom, scenery and costumes, Orlando Bloom, a story with a moral. And did I mention the good-looking lead actor? The dialogue was a little (a lot) over-dramatic, like the screenwriter wanted every single phrase to be A Famous Movie Quote. The action was also a little over-the-top--like how in the first 15 minutes, Bloom's character had lost his wife and child, re-united with his (illegitimate) lord father, killed a priest, learned sword fighting, had a bloody battle with French authorities, lost his father, and been shipwrecked on the way to Jerusalem. Did I mention that the bulk of the story was yet to come?

Hmm...if the principal character hadn't been as much fun to watch, I would probably rate the movie quite a bit lower. But, luckily, I would definitely recommend this movie. ;)

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