Friday, May 12, 2006

This morning there was a Mother's Day breakfast at Charlotte's daycare. Usually my husband drops her off in the morning and I pick her up, but we reversed it so I could be there this morning. As I put a very confused toddler into the car (she takes uspets in routine about as well as I do, apparently), the DJs on the radio were talking about Mother's Day.

They read a "job description" for motherhood, which I think I've seen as an email attachment about 1000 times (and counting, I'm sure). Then they played a really sappy song about a son's love for his mother. I think the artist was Mark Schultz? The song started with a little boy who fell off the swing on the first day of school and called his mother, and talked about him moving away for his first job, and then the mother dying. The song was sweet, I guess--not really *that* sappy, and it had me crying as I drove my daughter to school. I'm actually surprised how the show was handled at that point--I always think of Steve and DC as being slightly immature and insensitive (they like to prank call people with recorded tapes of celebrity voices and so on), and at least for a while, they were being nice and sincere.

The breakfast itself was fun--Charlotte ate my sausage links, hers, and seconds that I brough back (a total of 5 I think), plus as many grapes as we could politely extract from the fruit salad. She had a couple of bites of pancake, and a little bit of the muffin that she was poking in the buffet line. The food was good--not fancy, but good enough, and it was fun to sit with her at the toddler-sized table and chat with a couple of other toddler mamas.

I got a couple of sticky pancake-syrup handprints on my clothes, and lots of snuggle time as she realized that I was going to leave. On the way out, my own mother called me on my cell phone to say that she and my baby sister (who's 9) were still planning to come out for the weekend (hooray!).

Since I won't probably post again before Monday, I think I'll wish all the Mothers, Grandmothers, and Mothers-to-Be, and Mothers-that-want-to-be a Happy Mother's Day :) Now go hug your mom!

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